Young Numismatists

The Young Numismatist program (age 22 and younger) is vital, not only to the health of the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta, but to the continued health of coin collecting in general.

The youth of today have an extreme amount of activities competing for their time. If we are not successful in maintaining their interest in our hobby, we will have smaller and less interesting coin clubs in the future.

The first Saturday of each month, the club’s YNs meet at 6:30 pm before joining the general club meeting at 7 pm. The meeting is an informal, relaxed mix of education and fellowship for the young people. The club has many adult members and dealers who have been generous in providing coins, currency, medals, and supplies in support of the YN program.

Outstanding Junior Member Award
The Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta annually recognizes an outstanding junior member. Established in 1974, the award recognizes the numismatic accomplishments of the club’s top junior member.

Starting in January, the talents of the junior members are recognized each month, culminating with an award given for outstanding junior member of the year at the annual holiday party.

All junior members are eligible to participate. Each month, points may be earned for activities, which include among others, giving a talk, writing an article, and exhibiting. There are other activities, which only count once toward the top honor of outstanding junior member of the year.

Activities not on either official list may earn points. The points for these activities will be determined by the YN directors. Activities sheets must be submitted monthly and prizes for top earners will be awarded.

The outstanding junior member of the year recipient will be selected by the Board and have their name added to the president’s award plaque, which will be on loan to them for the following year. Each previous winner will present the award to the current winner.