Friedberg’s paper money book, fourth edition, released

us-paper-money-4ed-coverBuilding on the scope of Robert Friedberg’s groundbreaking research, the Guide Book of United States Paper Money, fourth edition, is an engaging history and price guide of the paper currency of the United States. The full-color, 416-page book is available for $24.95 online (including at and from booksellers and hobby retailers nationwide.

The Guide Book describes in detail every federal note from the ultra-rare Demand Notes of 1861 to the lunch money in our wallets today. Fascinating narrative captures the romance and history of American paper money, and also explores recent developments in the hobby and market, including the latest Federal Reserve Notes up to the Series of 2009 $100. The book combines the hobby-standard Friedberg numbering system with retail values in multiple grades. It is illustrated with hundreds of high-resolution full-color images.

“The first three editions of the Guide Book of United States Paper Money were very popular with collectors and dealers,” said Whitman publisher Dennis Tucker. “We’ve seen a dramatic increase in interest in paper-money collecting since the first edition was published in 2005. New collectors are constantly joining the hobby, so we’ve designed the fourth edition for newcomers as well as longtime hobbyists.”

Authors Arthur and Ira Friedberg are well known in the numismatic world. They have been professional numismatists for more than 30 years. Both joined their father’s family firm, The Coin & Currency Institute, after college. Since then they have established themselves as award-winning authors, coin dealers, researchers, and numismatic consultants to numerous governments and organizations.

Chapters cover notes from $1 to $10,000; Fractional Currency; Treasure notes of the War of 1812; encased postage stamps; error notes; signatures on U.S. currency; uncut sheets; and other hobby topics. The book includes a glossary and a bibliography for further research.