Highfill Releases Silver Dollar Encyclopedia Update

This book was created especially for numismatists of all ages. It is full of the energy of John W. Highfill and a gathering of the finest talent that this industry has to offer. The Special Guest of Authors (listed separately below), have united with Mr. Highfill in order to produce this work. They are providing a masterpiece which will reside in the libraries of all serious collectors, dealers and enthusiasts alike. These talented and knowledgeable individuals have each contributed the best of their experience, intuition and wisdom to provide the best encyclopedia of the U.S. Silver Dollar ever produced.

This encyclopedia is the number one essential book on the entire coin industry. There are 1,600 pages, two thousand Charts & Graphs and over three million words of text. Thousands of photos of both Brilliant and Toned silver dollars. *Also available as an eBook. Simply click “Search” and then go to every place you are looking for and at your fingertips!

The first edition sold over 10,000 copies. This completely updated edition is twice the size of the original, with all new data and charts. Everything you need to know about silver dollars and other coins in a complete 100 chapter, two volume book set.

The entire history of the birth of all legislation and mints that produced the dollar. There would be no need to buy any other book on dollars. It’s all here! Years in the making! John Highfill’s “Massive” two volume Silver Dollar Encyclopedia is a complete anthology of the entire numismatic industry. Also, every aspect as to make it a complete Anthology! There are over sixty of the finest guest authors in numismatics that have contributed and listed in this book. Photos, Graphs, Charts, etc. Every dollar from Morgan, Peace, Flowing Hair, Bust, Gobrecht, King of Siam set, Liberty Seated, Trade, Ike, Anthony, magnificent beautiful toned dollars, Hoards such as: The Continental-Illinois Bank, GSA, Carson City, Fitzgerald, Redfield, Binion and others. Chapters by PCGS, NGC, ANACS, ICTA, ANA, NSDR™, PNG, Red & Blue Books, Grading Charts, Mint Errors, Counterfeits, etc. Also an eighty page chapter of the thirty-five year history of the National Silver Dollar Round Table™ including their website: nationalsilverdollarroundtable.org. This website alone has over 500 FREE articles on silver dollars!

The world’s finest silver dollar and other collections by John W. Highfill, Jack R. Lee, David Hall, Dwight Manley, Wayne Miller, B. Max Mehl, Bruce Moreland, Lloyd Gabbert, Bill Spears, George Bodway, W. David Perkins and many others. The PCGS World Finest Silver Dollar Collection Tour. (Just click on the PCGS and NGC links in order to find the finest known legacy set of both Morgan and Peace Dollars).

Special Guest Authors include: John Albanese, Bruce Amspacher, James Blanchard, George Bodway, Mike Brandow, Q. David Bowers, Walter Breen, Ron Brandow, Kenneth Bressett, Robert Bruggerman, Randy Campbell, David Crenshaw, Drew Crowell, John W. Dannreuther, Paul DeFelice, Ronald Downing, Kenny Duncan, Jon & Andrew Edleman, Bob Estremera, Bill Fivaz, John Feigenbaum, Rebecca Fong, Michael Fuljenz, David Ganz, Ronald Gillio, Ira & Lawrence Goldberg, David Hall, Leon E. Hendrickson, John W. Highfill, Marlene M. Highfill, Steve Ivy, Donald Kagin, Kim Kiick, Jack R. Lee, Robert Lehman, David Lisot, John Love, Dwight Manley, Wayne Miller, Jeff G. Oxman, W. David Perkins, Donald Harrison Phillips, Thomas Phillips, Scott Purvis, Thad Olson, John Roberts, Maurice Rosen, Allen Rowe, John Sack, Mark Salzberg, Clark Samuelson, John Schneider, Phillip Schyler, Hugh Sconyers, Willman Spears, Joseph Stevens, Anthony Swaitek, Dean Tavenner, Scott Travers, Leroy Van Allen, Harlan White, Cindy Wibker, Mark Van Winkle & Douglas Winter.

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