LSCC Offers Local Coin Clubs’ Members Free Newsletter

Christian Gobrecht
Chief Engraver Christian Gobrecht created the Seated Liberty design.

The Liberty Seated Collectors Club is a group of over six hundred collectors and dealers dedicated to the study and attribution of the American silver Liberty Seated coinage of the 19th century.

E-Gobrecht, the complimentary monthly, numismatic publication of the Liberty Seated Collectors Club is available to all interested collectors. Each issue contains information such as recent auction sales, LSCC regional meeting announcements, and feature articles on new variety discoveries.

There are absolutely no strings attached and this LSCC electronic newsletter has been going out to interested collectors now for 18 years.

1859-O Liberty Seated Dollar

Coming up on its 50th Anniversary, the LSCC is just spreading the word to others and local clubs.

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E-Gobrecht past issues can also be accessed free through the LSCC website: