New book guides seniors on collecting coins

collecting-coins-retirement-coverWhitman Publishing announces the release of Collecting Coins in Retirement: An Action Guide and Estate Advice for Hobbyists and Their Families, by Tom Bilotta. The 256-page softcover book will debut March 3, 2016, available from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide and online (including at, for $19.95. It can also be borrowed for free as a benefit of membership in the American Numismatic Association, through the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.

“Coin collecting during retirement poses special challenges and offers unique opportunities,” says professional numismatist Tom Bilotta, an award-winning developer of software for coin collectors. For more than 20 years Bilotta has worked closely with retirement-age hobbyists, giving him a firm understanding of their wants and needs. Now he shares his insight in this valuable step-by-step guidebook.

Collecting Coins in Retirement coaches the longtime collector toward increased enjoyment of the hobby and smart planning for the future. It helps collectors’ family members understand numismatics and lays the foundation for wise management of an inherited coin collection, whether they choose to maintain or even build upon it, or sell all or some of it.

Coin collectors will learn: Why coin collecting is different in retirement  ●  How to devise a collecting strategy that works for you  ●  Ways to define your hobby objectives and consolidate your collection  ●  When, where, and how to sell your coins  ●  Important information to share with your family  ●  How to prepare your estate  ●  Ways to allocate your collection to heirs

Family members will learn: The issues involved in managing an inheritance  ●  The best ways to profit from an inherited coin collection  ●  Strategies for selling different parts of a collection  ●  Probate and tax considerations

Collecting Coins in Retirement also explains coin-industry trends of recent decades; how to sell on eBay for pleasure and profit; using technology as part of the hobby; and more.

Educator and past ANA governor Bill Fivaz calls the book “well thought out and presented, logical, and user-friendly,” and says that “Collecting Coins in Retirement is a must-read for hobbyists and their families.” Kenneth Bressett, senior editor of the Guide Book of United States Coins, notes that “Those who actively participate in some absorbing activity nearly all live longer, happier lives. And it is never too late for anyone to begin enjoying hobby benefits.”