PNG YN Scholarship winner to speak

tara-crosbyTara Crosby who is the recipient of the 2014 Professional Numismatists Guild (PNG) Young Numismatist Scholarship will be speaking at the November 15 club meeting.

Crosby is a communications student from Alpharetta at Georgia Perimeter College.

As the scholarship’s winner, Crosby attended the American Numismatic Association (ANA) Summer Seminar courtesy of PNG. She took the seminar class “Introduction to Numismatic Digital Photography.”

Crosby’s father, Greg, introduced her to coins from birth with a gift each year of a United States Proof set for that year. “For our three children, we have done so up to the age of 21,” Greg Crosby said. She received her final set in July.

An example of a 1926-D, St. Gaudens $20.Source: “St. Gaudens $20 1926 D $20 MS,” NGC Coin Explorer, (accessed November 8, 2014).

An example of an
1926-D, St. Gaudens $20.
Source: “St. Gaudens $20 1926 D $20 MS,” NGC Coin Explorer, (accessed November 8, 2014).

Crosby works part-time at John B. Hamrick & Company as a numismatist in their Alpharetta office. She assists with clients and travels to coin shows. “To be able to travel to coin shows and meet so many ‘legends’ in numismatics in person has been a wonderful experience,” Crosby said.

During the 2014 February Atlanta ANA National Money Show, Crosby sold her first coin—a 1926-D double eagle for $20,160! “John [Hamrick] has been so patient mentoring me about this fascinating world of coins,” she said.

Crosby is a member of the ANA, Florida United Numismatists (FUN), Georgia Numismatic Association (GNA), and Women in Numismatics (WIN).