Rare Double Eagle and Historical Treasures Lead Coin Auction

1929 Double Eagle Obverse
The rare MS65+ PCGS 1929 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle in Heritage’s March auction.

After the conclusion of World War I, American currency underwent significant changes, with paper currency becoming the norm due to the absence of gold coinage from 1917 to 1919 and no silver dollars minted since 1904. However, amidst this shift, double eagles remained a vital component for settling large accounts in foreign trade, as the government was obligated to back its currency with gold.

Among the highlights of Heritage’s upcoming March 28-31 US Coins Signature┬« Auction is a remarkable piece of history: the 1929 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, graded MS65+ PCGS. With only 1,176 ever released into private hands and a mere 350 surviving examples, this high-grade coin stands as a testament to rarity and historical significance.

Todd Imhof, Executive Vice President at Heritage Auctions, notes, “It is exceedingly rare to find a 1929 Saint-Gaudens double eagle with such a high grade, and it is nearly impossible to find one graded higher.”

Another prized offering is the 1921 Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, graded MS62 PCGS. With just 175 believed to exist from an original mintage of 528,000, this example is a true rarity, embodying the allure of numismatic treasures.

From a smaller yet equally compelling original population comes the 1882 Double Eagle, graded AU58 NGC. With just 571 struck for circulation and a scarcity that rivals proof-only issues, this coin represents a coveted addition to any collection.

The auction also features an array of historical treasures, including an 1860 Clark, Gruber Eagle, an 1853 Moffat & Co. Twenty Dollar piece, and a 1793 Chain Cent, each offering a glimpse into America’s rich numismatic heritage.

Additional highlights include:

  • 1915-S Panama-Pacific Round Fifty Dollar, MS65+ NGC
  • 1859-S Seated Dollar, MS64 NGC
  • 1801 Draped Bust, Heraldic Eagle Half Dollar, graded AU58 NGC
  • 1875 Gold Dollar, graded MS63 PCGS

With images and information available for all lots at HA.com/1373, collectors have the opportunity to explore and acquire these extraordinary pieces of history. Don’t miss the chance to own a piece of numismatic heritage at Heritage’s March coin auction.

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