American Numismatic Association (ANA) Summer Seminar Scholarship
The Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta is accepting applications from its Young Numismatist members for a scholarship to the ANA Summer Seminar. Each scholarship will cover the week long seminar fee and transportation.

The seminar is held on the Colorado College campus in Colorado Springs. Numerous selections of classes are offered for the beginner to the advanced collector. In addition to the daily classes, there are evening mini-seminars available, informative numismatic presentations, and optional tours. To learn more about the ANA Summer Seminar, visit their website.

You must be age 13 to 22 and a member of the Metropolitan Coin Club of Atlanta to be eligible for a scholarship. The deadline for completed applications is December 31. The recipients of the scholarships will be contacted no later than January 31 and announced in the February issue of the newsletter.

Young Numismatist Scholarship Application Adult Scholarship Application

Auction Rules
When participating in a coin club’s auction, a knowledge of the club’s auction rules is a must. Please refer to the auction rules in the constitution and bylaws to learn how to participate in the club’s auctions.

Auction Slips

Constitution and Bylaws

Constitution & Bylaws

How to Pamphlet on Effective Coin Club Management
A Guide for Organizing, Operating and Growing a Successful Coin Club” was produced from the accumulated notes over the years on effective club management by member Bill Fivaz. “It does not have all the answers, but if it offers the impetus for a club to get started or keep going when it looks like they are going under, it was well worth the effort,” Fivaz says.

We thought clubs throughout the country might benefit from this information, so we are making it available at not charge. Otherwise, you may request a copy by sending a 60-cent stamp to Bill Fivaz, P.O. Box 888660 , Dunwoody , GA 30356-0660.