Sneak Preview: “So, You Want to be a Third-Party Grader?!”

Don’t miss the sneak preview of “So, You Want to be a Third-Party Grader?!” by Bill Fivaz at the MCCA club meetings December 2, 2017 (Part 1) and December 16, 2017 (Part 2). The program will be given in its entirety at the Florida United Numismatist Convention, January 5, 2018, Tampa Convention Center.

Everyone realizes that grading is an integral part of numismatics, one that pretty much defines the price of a coin. This program is designed to hopefully save you some necessary submission fees when you’re considering submitting coins to a Third-Party Grading service. By doing a little homework on your own before sending your coins in, you can save both yourself and the graders time by knowing what to look for on those coins that would result in a “no grade” from the services.

The following topics will be covered:

  • Points to look for to determine Chinese (and other) counterfeits (Part 1)
  • Key coins – what should I look for to determine authenticity? (Part 1)
  • Gold coins – what are the steps I should take to ensure my coin is genuine? (Part 2)
  • What is the difference between strike doubling and die doubling? (Part 2)