Stolen bullion reported in metro Atlanta

The Numismatic Crime Information Center reported that the Major Crimes Fraud Unit of the Atlanta, Georgia police department is requesting assistance in the following offense.

A dealer in Phoenix, Arionza recently reported that approximately $105,000 in gold was stolen and sent to metro Atlanta, Georgia. This includes (2) 10-ounce gold bars, (13) 1-ounce gold bars, (50) 1-ounce Maple Leafs, and (2) 1-ounce Kruggerands. The transaction involved counterfeit cashier’s checks. (Reference Atlanta Police Case #150121296.)

If anyone has information regarding any person or persons attempting to sell a large amount of gold bullion especially the ten ounce bars please contact:

Detective P.T. Kud
Major Crimes, Major Fraud Unit
226 Peachtree St. SW
eFax 404-546-2012


Doug Davis
Numismatic Crime Information Center