Successor sought

MCCA held an exceptional 50th anniversary party at the Sage Woodfire Tavern off Ashford Dunwoody Road March 29th. The Party was attended by 72 MCCA members and Guests, which was a record attendance for any MCCA event or party during my 12 year tenure as President. John Lyons and his party committee did an outstanding job organizing a memorable and fun evening out. Encased 1964 nickels were presented to each attendee. The new MCCA silver rounds were available for purchase, club scrap books were available to peruse from earlier years, John Phipps had an excellent display of previous anniversary medals and rounds, and the food and drink was delicious. One of our guests, ANA Governor Mike Ellis, presented two special awards to members of our club on behalf of the ANA. I hope everyone had a great time and enjoyed the evening. Again, my sincere thanks to the Anniversary Committee for a great 50th anniversary party!

As predicted. the Baseball Commemorative Coin Program with a March 27 release has been a resounding success. The 50,000 gold coins sold out in the first three days. The 400,000 silver dollars sold out in 11-12 days (depending on the source of information). Secondary market prices are continuing to climb. As of April 30, dealers are currently purchasing the raw gold coins for $800 each (proof or MS) and the raw silver dollars for $80 each (proof or MS). Slab prices on TV for the special first day coins are $3500 FOR MS/PRF 69, $5000 for MS/PRF 70. Ad prices for coins through normal channels show the “69” graded gold coins offered at $1395, “70” coins offered at $1795-$1995. Silver dollars selling for $400-$500 each. Prices have not yet stabilized, but it looks like you’ll be able to “sell one to pay for two”, which is never a bad deal. I hope you were able to take advantage of the promotion while the coins were available.

The annual bullion game is on! Turn in your best forecast of what gold and silver prices will be at close on Kitco, November 28th, the last business day of November. Please turn in your prediction in writing, with your name, date and time submitted. The person closest (over or under) to the actual numbers will win a 2014 gold 1/10 oz AGE or a 2014 proof ASE. In case of a tie, the guess turned in earliest wins. I hope everyone can participate. Turn in your predictions by the end of the second May meeting. Good luck!

The previous e-mail mentioned that sheets of the new $100 bills were released at the ANA show in Atlanta February 27. I’ve been told that the owners of the first 4-note sheet signed by Rose Rios have turned down an offer of $4000 for the sheet (that they purchased from the BEP for $480). Just goes to prove again that spending money to buy money can be a rewarding, if hard to comprehend, activity.

Keep in mind that Norman Thomas and Mark Arneson have volunteered to co-manage the YN program for 2014. If you have any ideas for our YN program, or want to help out, see Mark or Norman for details. YN programs will continue to be at the first meeting of the month in room #5 at 6:30.

As always, Norman is looking for volunteers to bring refreshments and provide the educational talks at each meeting. We’re off to a great start for 2014. Please see him to volunteer for a spot. The club will reimburse up to $35 towards refreshments if you turn in your receipts. Hopefully everyone can volunteer once a year to keep the food and programs fresh.

Ron Thompson received enough orders to put through a second order of club shirts. If you haven’t picked up yours yet, please see Ron at the next meeting. Now that we’ve done a second order, it will be a while before we try to order again. I hope everyone enjoys their shirts and will wear them to our meetings as well as to outside coins shows and events.

As most of you know, I plan to step down as president of the club at the end of 2014. I’m recruiting any interested parties to step in with some new blood and carry the club forward starting in 2015. If interested, please speak to me or one of the board members and let them know of your interest.