Winter Wonderland Themed United States Mint Ornaments Available November 20

The United States Mint (Mint) will open sales on November 20 at noon EST for the new 2020 Mighty Minters™ Ornament and the 2020 United States Mint Ornament.

The 2020 Mighty Minters Ornament (product code 20XT) features Mighty Minters Alex, Sophie, and Eli the fox, the Mint’s coin collecting ambassadors. This year’s ornament has a colorful winter wonderland theme with an uncirculated 2020 Jefferson nickel from the Philadelphia Mint on the front. The nickel is centered in a snowman created by the Mighty Minters, who have adorned him with a top hat, scarf, carrot nose, and a coal smile. The words “2020” and “UNITED STATES MINT” are included. The back of the ornament displays a colorful United States Mint Seal with the words “Made in the U.S.A.” and “©2020 U.S. Mint.”

The Mighty Minters Ornament is made of solid brass and imitation rhodium, which casts a silver appearance. A silver cord is attached. The festive cardboard packaging replicates artwork of the ornament design on the front, while information about the coin and the Mighty Minters who appear on the ornament is displayed on the back. This ornament is priced at $27.95.

The 2020 United States Mint Ornament (product code 20XU) features an intricate snowflake design in blue accent colors surrounding an uncirculated 2020 Jefferson nickel from the Philadelphia Mint. The reverse (tails) of the nickel appears on the front of the ornament, along with the words “2020” and “UNITED STATES MINT.” An engraved version of the United States Mint Seal is on the back, along with “MADE IN THE U.S.A.” and “©2020 U.S. Mint.” This ornament is housed in a beautiful blue box with blue platform. The United States Mint Seal and the words “2020 United States Mint Ornament” are hot stamped in silver foil on the top of the lid. A separate Certificate of Authenticity is included with information about the coin and the ornament. This ornament is priced at $29.95.

The obverse (heads) side of the nickel is not visible on these ornaments.

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