Working at the car wash

car-washed-coinsDo you wash your car? We do! After we wash our car at a local car wash, we vacuum it. We always find change near the car wash’s vacuum stations and trash cans. Just last week, we collected 28 cents.

Typically, I take it home and put it in our coin bucket. But, this time I was inspired by Joel Woodin’s “Street Level Collecting” column to analyze the coins. Here’s what I found: 18 cents: 1979 P, 1980 D, 1981 D, 1983 P, two 1984 P’s, 1990 P, 1996, 1999 P, 2004 P, 2005 P, 2006, 2009 D, 2010 P, 2013, & two 2014 P’s; 1 Dime: 1980 D.

Overall, the coins were not damaged, but in good condition—simply old and dirty. Some of the cents were added to my coin books. The coins leftover were added to our family’s coin bucket, and, hopefully, after a couple more washes, I will have enough for a candy bar!