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Professional numismatist, marketing expert, and museum professional Robert Bruce Korver.
Professional numismatist, marketing expert, and museum professional Robert Bruce Korver.

“Four new educational slide shows and an article have been added to the free website for coin clubs and advanced numismatists. These new items follow the same eclectic mixture of topics” noted numismatic story-teller Bob Korver.

“Eric P. Newman & The Successful Hunt For AUDUBON’S MISSING GROUSE” (25 minutes) In 1824, a young John James Audubon drew — and presumably sold — an image of a Heath Hen for Gideon Fairman. It was engraved and the vignette placed on an Obsolete Note of a New Jersey bank. In his diaries, Audubon mentions the image (and the Note) several times. Since then, the image had been lost — until Eric P. Newman and Robert M. Peck rediscovered it, creating a major story in the worlds of art and natural history! Located in “Multimedia Articles [Slide Shows]: [People].”

“Brighton Center, Massachusetts” (20 minutes) takes a very close look at the detailed vignettes on several notes issued by the Bank of Brighton, to ascertain if they accurately depict the geography and architecture of the “Center” district of Brighton. And they do — incredibly so! This is also a nostalgic look back at a New England city-scape long-lost to the forces of modernization and commercial development. Obsolete currency so often features allegory — classical or modern — that we sometimes forget that vignettes may be accurate windows on the past. Located in “Multimedia Articles [Slide Shows]: [Places].”

“The South Texas National Bank of Houston, Charter #4350” (20 minutes) is the story of the 6th National Bank to be chartered in Houston — and the first presentation to come out of encyclopedia entries I am developing for the Handbook Of Texas Online (Houston). Special attention is paid to the Notes, the signers, and the other officers of #4350. National Banks in the 19th Century did NOT perform many of the functions that we associate with banking today, and #4350 is a prime example of the changing roles of these banks in a dynamic economy. Located in “Multimedia Articles [Slide Shows]: [Houston’s National Banks].”

“1935/36 SAN DIEGO COMMEMORATIVE HALF DOLLAR” (20 minutes) A visit to Balboa Park on a lovely Spring day reminded me about numismatic lessons quite forgotten, and the discovery of a multitude of ties between three world ‘fairs’, two rival California cities, and a host of artists. All this from a simple question: Do the buildings on the Commemorative accurately depict the buildings still standing in Balboa Park? Did I mention that it was a fine day for a stroll down memory lanes of the numismatic variety? Located in “Multimedia Articles [Slide Shows]: [Places].”

The article added to is “A New Auction Purchasing Paradigm”, which tells the story of the inspiration for a new way of doing business in numismatic auctions. One bidder made one request of one tired auction manager at one ANA. The result? A new way of doing business, additional prices realized in the hundreds of millions of dollars, and the creation of a consistent win-win-win scenario for all parties! And a marketing bonanza. Located in “Print Numismatic Articles [Articles & Books].”

Korver concluded: “The same caution exists: Because of the superb, detailed images, these files are BIG. On the website, each show is broken into smaller “PDF” files for posting, but anyone — or any club — who contacts me can obtain a disk with complete versions (in one piece!): a QuickTime movie, a complete PDF version, original Apple Keynote versions, and a PowerPoint version. Computer compatibility for viewing and showing should not be a problem with this selection on the disks.”

Coin clubs who wish to use any presentation as their educational entertainment should email Korver at AND telephone 214-244-5478. Disks containing many versions have been created (including QuickTime movies) and can be provided, or a link to the Keynote version on can be quickly provided. Korver has volunteered to ‘phone in’ to meetings for questions and discussions.

Other presentation topics at include:

  • “ALL WE LIKE SHEEP; Is the Numismatic Iconography of Sheep on American Obsolete Currency Serving God or Mammon?”
  • “GAZAWAY BUGG LAMAR, A True Southern”
  • “A NIAGARA BRIDGE? Researching a Common Bridge Separating Two Peoples”
  • “CERES, Goddess of Agriculture: From Roman Coins to American Obsolete Currency!”
  • “LIFE IMITATING ART (Or Something Very Much Like That!)”
  • “Major George Armistead & America’s Star-Spangled Banner”
  • “JOHN HOWARD (1726-1790) Life Extraordinaire”
  • “CORAZON AQUINO (1933-2009); A peek Behind The Curtain of the 1986 Aquino- Reagan Coins”
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