Free Webinars Offered During National Coin Week

In celebration of National Coin Week (, April 18-24, the American Numismatic Association (ANA) is offering free online eLearning Academy webinars that tie into the theme of this year’s event, “Money, Big & BOLD.” Sponsored by the nonprofit ANA, National Coin Week focuses on the historical, cultural, artistic and economic importance of money as well as the enjoyment of coin and paper money collecting. 

National Coin Week 2021 banner

The theme of the 98th annual event was inspired by the Morgan dollar, Peace dollar and Eisenhower dollar, all of which have milestone anniversaries in 2021. The daily, one-hour courses begin at 5 p.m. MDT and include: 

The Lafayette Dollar: Big, Bold & Forgotten April 19 with instructor Rod Gillis 

The Joys of Morgan Silver Dollars April 20 with instructor George Bazarko 

Big Challenges for a Big Dollar April 21 with instructor Andy Oskam 

The Money in Your Pocket: Before & After the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 April 22 with instructor Dr. Loren Gatch 

Politics, Ego and Tragedy April 23 with instructor Douglas Mudd 

National Coin Week and the ANA April 24 with instructor Andy Dickes 

Registration for the online webinars, which are free and open to the public, can be made at The webinars are made possible by Greysheet, the Official ANA eLearning Academy Partner. 

“The designs, denominations and metallic content of coins can tell us a great deal about civilizations, past and present, such as famous and not-so-famous political and historical figures, important events and landmarks,” explained Andy Dickes, National Coin Week coordinator. “Every coin or piece of paper money in your pocket, wallet or purse has a story to tell.”  

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