S.S. Central America “Ship of Gold” Coming Soon!

The S.S. Central America was given the name ‘Ship of Gold’ for her famous cargo: tons of gold from the San Francisco Mint and the California Gold Rush. When the ship sank off the eastern coast of the United States in 1857, she took the gold, and many of the lives aboard, with her.

Over 7,000 gold coins were recovered in 1988. The first group of coins were conserved and graded by PCGS in the late 1990s. The second trove consists of about 3,100 coins, including additional 1857-S $20s as well as a wide variety of other coins such as $1 Gold pieces, $3 Gold, Quarter and Half Eagles, Eagles, and Territorial Gold. CGMG’s Chief Scientist Bob Evans will be exclusively restoring the coins. After conservation, PCGS will be authenticating these almost-pristine pieces of numismatic history. Expected completion and release to the public is Spring of 2018.

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