Tavern At Medlock venue for club party

tavern-at-medlockThis year’s holiday club party will start at 6:00 p.m., Saturday, December 12 at Tavern At Medlock.

The sign-up list for the party will be available starting at the October 3 club meeting and each meeting through December 5. No prepayment or deposit is required, but we must provide a head count to the restaurant’s manager the week before the party.

For the club’s old-timers, the Tavern At Medlock was previously the Foghorn Grill, where the club previously had several great parties. It is located at 3230 Medlock Bridge Road, Norcross—on the northeast corner of Peachtree Industrial Boulevard and Medlock Bridge Road. The shopping center faces Peachtree Industrial Boulevard, but Burger King blocks your view of restaurant in the shopping center.

Its menu is quite extensive, which includs salads, burgers, sandwiches, steak/chicken/fish entrees, and Galla’s pizzas. They also offer 10 inch gluten free pizzas. In addition, there is a special seasonal menu that last year featured Shepherd’s Pie and the classic Roasted Turkey Dinner. You can order anything you like from the menu.

Besides, the new location, there are a couple other important changes this year

  • Unless your family/group size is 6 people or more, no tip will be automatically added to your check. So, please add a gratuity when paying your bill.
  • We will have a private inside room. There will be no outside cold weather drafts or heaters blowing on you.

Everything else remains the same. For new members, and as a refresher for all of us, here’s the format:

  • Bring your family! It’s the one opportunity all year for members to socialize in a non-numismatic setting.
  • There are only a few announcements. No business meeting, formal program, no auction. Just prizes, food and good friends. Just like a party!
  • Dress is holiday casual.
  • Family groups should sit together so the server can create one check for your group and find you when the food is served.
  • The club is planning to furnish a poinsettia for each table and these will be given as door prizes at the end of the evening.
  • Speaking of prizes, the club provides one gold and one silver coin that are the grand prizes in our annual year-end ‘red ticket’ drawing. The red tickets bought at all 2015 MCCA meetings and additional ones sold at the party are eligible for the drawing. However, you must be present to win.
  • Getting back to door prizes, we try to have a prize for everyone to take home and because of the generosity of several members we have been very successful the last few years. Please seriously consider donating a door prize. You don’t need to wrap it and it usually is a numismatic-related item (proof set, silver dollar, book, etc.). Please bring it to a club meeting prior to the party.
  • Not to be confused with door prizes, we also have a voluntary gift exchange. This consists of bringing a wrapped gift of about $10 in value to the party. These may be numismatic items or more traditional holiday small gifts – think small holiday food gifts. All these gift are placed on a gift table and then selected. One important rule, if you bring a gift – then you get a gift. So it is up to you whether to participate or not.
  • Our room will be set-up early, so you can arrive beginning at 5:30. The party should be over by 8:30.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday, December 12 at the Tavern At Medlock.

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