Where are the 2014 coins?

Here we are already into March and I am still looking for that first 2014 dated coin. Usually I have found at least one coin by now with the current year on it, but nothing so far. I’ll just blame it on the weather this year and hope for better luck.

Cents: On one of the snow days while making a delivery I looked down and peeking it’s head out of the slush was a Lincoln cent. I pounced on this lucky penny and found it to be a 1958 wheat cent. Received a 1980 Canadian cent in change (obsolete coinage).

Nickels: Current finds include a 1958 D Jefferson and a 1968 nickel from San Francisco. I love finding any S mint coinage.

Dimes: Did not find a “dime” thing!

Quarters: Being a courier driver. I am in and out of convenience stores all day. On one single day at three different “QT” stores I received several uncirculated 2010 D Hot Springs quarters. Obviously these coins have been sitting a long time and are just being distributed for the first time. I also found two dollars’ worth of quarters in one of those crazy downtown parking meters.

Currency: While walking down the sidewalk in midtown I found a dollar bill floating down Peachtree. If you lost this give me a description and the serial number and I will be glad to return it to you.

This issue has me literally collecting off the streets. I will probably get hit by a car someday picking up change. Margaret Mitchell was run over and killed on Peachtree at 13th Street. That is one of the dangers of being a street level collector. You all be careful out there and have a wonderful spring in the search of fun money.