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127 Years and Over 110K Pages of Numismatic History

golden-jubilee-numismatist-coverThe American Numismatic Association is excited to announce its digital archives of all 127 volumes of its flagship publication, The Numismatist. Beginning December 1, ANA members can access every issue of the magazine, from 1888 to the present.

No matter if you are a coin collector studying a recent purchase, a numismatic auction house researching an upcoming catalog, or a student writing a paper on world currencies and economies, The Numismatist is a trusted repository of classic articles and hidden gems on all things money.

Helpful search features guide you to the information you seek, including relevant links to useful resources, an easily accessible table of contents, and indices with live links.

You Are There!
The online editions look exactly like the printed originals, allowing you to experience The Numismatist in its historical context—something the average website can’t offer. Each archived page can be downloaded and printed, as well as bookmarked, cited and referenced by other registered users.

The ANA’s digital archives of The Numismatist is your one-stop hobby reference, helping you expand your knowledge base as you explore the world of numismatics.

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