New Book on Modern Gold and Silver Coins and Medals

american-gold-silver-coverWhitman Publishing announces the upcoming release of American Gold and Silver: U.S. Mint Collector and Investor Coins and Medals, Bicentennial to Date, by Dennis Tucker. The 384-page hardcover book will be available December 15, 2015, from booksellers and hobby shops nationwide, and online, for $29.95. It can also be borrowed for free as a benefit of membership in the American Numismatic Association, through the Dwight N. Manley Numismatic Library.

“Every coin collector knows about the United States Mint’s American Eagle bullion coins,” says award-winning author Dennis Tucker. “But did you know that the Mint has produced more than 150 other collectible works of silver and gold since the national Bicentennial in 1976?” These include some of the most beautiful coins and medals ever engraved for the United States. Some were runaway best-sellers and made national headlines. Others are well-kept secrets. Many are sought by collectors and investors around the globe. Some are “sleepers”—underappreciated treasures with great potential waiting to be discovered.

Tucker shares years of research and unique perspective in a colorful exploration of these amazing pieces of Americana. He takes you into the engraving department of the U.S. Mint, behind the scenes at the U.S. Treasury, into the chambers of Congress, even to the White House, where questions about the nation’s precious metals have been argued for generations.

Inside you’ll find a richly illustrated history of silver and gold in the coinage of colonial America and the United States. You’ll see why silver and gold were difficult for the average American to acquire through most of our history. Learn about the American Arts gold medallion program of the early 1980s, and the U.S. Mint’s recent American Buffalo, First Spouse, and America the Beautiful bullion programs. Dozens of other important modern productions all are cataloged and described inside: Bicentennial gold and silver medals, the 2014 gold Kennedy half dollar, 1916–2016 centennial gold coins, silver Wildlife Refuge Service medals, the 9/11 national medal, the Franklin Firefighter medal, Young Astronauts medals, and many more.

Along the way Tucker shines light on a thousand people, places, and points in American history: military heroes and famous artists, awe-inspiring landmarks, fearless innovators, dreamers and doers. He presents market histories and gives valuable advice on collecting and investing.

David Bowers calls American Gold and Silver “exciting, informative, and in the annals of numismatic research unique,” and says, “This book will serve permanently as the source for facts on the U.S. Mint’s modern gold and silver coins and medals.”