A Comprehensive Guide to Alabama Obsolete Notes 1818-1885

Join us for a live webinar starting at 7:00 p.m. ET, Saturday, February 20, 2021, when co-author Charles Derby will present with images “The Georgia Connection to Alabama Obsolete Paper Money.” Derby will discuss those Alabama obsolete notes that were printed in Georgia, redeemable in Georgia, from railroad companies with a terminal in Georgia, appropriated from Georgia notes, mistaken as Georgia notes, or in some other way connected to Georgia. There will also be a Q&A immediately following the presentation. Click here for more information.

A Comprehensive Guide to Alabama Obsolete Notes-1818-1885 cover

A Comprehensive Guide to Alabama Obsolete Notes 1818-1885 by William Gunther and Charles Derby, published in 2020, is a complete listing of the currently known paper money from the State of Alabama from 1818 to 1885.  This collector’s guide lists notes from all cities, counties, and issuers including national notes, state notes, and private scrip from Alabama counties, towns, railroads, and merchants.  Cross-over notes involving other states are also represented.  The notes are illustrated in vivid color and are listed using a new, easy to understand numbering system that includes many variations of notes based on dates, designs, fonts, and text details.  Rarity values using the 1 to 7 scale of Walter Rosene Jr., who wrote the 1984 catalog on Alabama obsolete currency, are updated, and prices are listed in low, high, and average values.  Included are 1,500+ notes from 150+ cities and 400+ issuers, which is 40+ new cities and 100+ new issuers than in Rosene’s catalogue.  Information on the origins and history of some of the currency is a highlight of this book.  For ordering information, contact Charles Derby at .

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