Due to the health concerns relating to the spread of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the meetings and programs at the Dunwoody North Shallowford Annex are suspended until further notice since this building serves as the City of Dunwoody's backup operational facility. Therefore, MCCA meetings are canceled for the foreseeable future. For more information on COVID-19, visit the Center for Disease Control website.

Club is looking for a new president

Welcome to the July/August “summer” edition of the President’s Coiner. Hopefully you’re reading this from a comfortable chair in an air conditioned environment. Please take the time to peruse the information that follows. I’ve included some house-keeping items as well as coin information that you can use in the immediate future.

MCCA is looking for a new president! After 12 years of working with a GREAT organization, I am stepping down at the end of the year to allow someone to step up. This is my last year of children at UGA, the second year of excellent UGA football season tickets, and as you may have heard, I discovered European travel last year and got hooked. So, I’ll be stumping in the final 3 newsletters of 2014 for volunteers to run for the position in November. Ideally, I’d like to see someone with kids take the job so that our YN program will always be on their minds. The position is open to all MCCA members in good standing. It’s not a hard job – anyone can do it. I plan to stay active in the club, but will probably be at fewer meetings next year. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the position.

Norman and the club need your help! We have over 60 active members that attend one or both meeting each month. Norman’s job of lining up a 20 minute educational presentation and refreshments for each meeting (22-24 meetings a year) has become increasingly difficult. Please consider volunteering to provide either a talk or refreshments for one of our gatherings. If a majority of the regularly attending members participated, it would require just one presentation or refreshment purchase a year. Remember that the club will reimburse up to $35 of the refreshment expense (with receipt). Your commitment of the time is what is really needed and appreciated. Please see Norman to sign up for an upcoming available date.

Also, please be courteous to the educational speakers and membership in general. Once the meeting has started, members and guest should remain in their seats and keep personal conversations to a whispered minimum. If you need to discuss a matter with another member, please step outside in the hallway so as not to interfere with the normal activities going on as part of the meeting. Once the meeting has started, review of the auction lots needs to wait until the refreshment break. It is distracting to the membership to have person(s) reviewing lots while the meeting is in progress. Thank you for your attention to these matters.

As you read this, the bullion contest participation list should be ready. I’ll have a copy on the website / in the newsletter shortly. Print a copy and follow the ups and downs of who’s leading the race for the 1/10 ounce 2014 AGE and the 2014 proof ASE. Winners will be announced based on the close of the last business day in November, and the awards will be presented at the annual Holiday/Christmas Party in December. If you can’t make the party, we will hold them until the next meeting.

The Baseball coins have been HOT as expected. No one seems to have many for sale, and the prices continue to climb, especially for the early release pieces and those that have been autographed. NGC just did a big article about availability and pricing. Visit their web site to see the information. Next up is the 50th Anniversary Kennedy Half program. Much of the info has been released about the program. Three sets available, limit of 5 of each set per household: July 24 release of the 2-coin P and D uncirculated sets, original accented hair design, $9.95 per set. August 5 release of the ¾ ounce .999 fine gold coin, 12:00 EDT. Price will be set on the Thursday before release, probably around $1300 each. A date has not been set for release of the 4-coin set, all made of .900 fine silver as the 1964 coins were. One coin from each of the 4 Mints – proof, reverse proof, uncirculated, and enhanced uncirculated. Cost will be $99.95 a set. The main piece of information missing from all three choices are the mintage’s and ordering window. Because of the 5-per-household limit on all three choices, I believe we will see a limited mintage that will be available until sold out, similar to the baseball coins. I guess we will know shortly since the first of the sets goes on sale in 3 weeks!

Have a great summer, volunteer often for the club, and please let me know if you want to be president!

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