Noted numismatist Robert Korver creates

Professional numismatist, marketing expert, and museum professional Robert Bruce Korver.

Professional numismatist, marketing expert, and museum professional Robert Bruce Korver.

Longtime noted numismatist Robert Korver has announced the launch of his new website,, a site devoted to the amazing tales, interesting connections and fascinating characters that make numismatics such compelling hobby. Using his keen sense of synchronicity, parallels and correlation, Korver brings to life his diverse subjects with a lively spirit. was created to provide free entertainment and education for coin clubs and advanced numismatists,” said Bob Korver. “After 50 years in the hobby and business – and after working at places like the Smithsonian and Colonial Williamsburg – I had a few stories worth sharing. My friends would also be quick to add that, perhaps, an opinion or two, as well.”

The site was awarded the Numismatic Literary Guild’s Best Non-Commercial Website award at the Summer ANA Convention in Chicago in August of this year.

“The slide shows were created in Apple Keynote as ‘slide’ presentation,” said Korver. “On the site they’re posted as PDF files due to size issues. Coin clubs who wish to use them as entertainment can use the PDFs, or they can email me and be linked to the Keynote version on I’m also happy to call in to their meetings for questions and discussions.”

The slide presentations are presented for a broader audience, while the articles will appeal to more serious numismatists who enjoy the back story as much as the object.”

The site currently has three slide shows and a half dozen articles posted. Many more will be posted during the coming months:

ALL WE LIKE SHEEP” is a 35-minute multimedia article (slide show with some music) examining a key numismatic topic: how much does art really reflect the times? The subtitle (“Is the Numismatic Iconography of Sheep on American Obsolete Currency Serving God or Mammon?” makes it sound less fun than it is, but the he music spans Gregorian chant to Johnny Cash. “I guarantee you will be surprised at my conclusions,” Korver said.”

GAZAWAY BUGG LAMAR, “A True Southern”” is a 25-minute presentation resulting from the intersection of family history and a numismatic investigation centering on the Civil War. Korver provides the spoiler: what fun to discover connections — granted distant — to Gazaway Bugg Lamar, James Taylor Soutter and General John Adams Dix. Numismatic research can unfold in a surprising fashion. “Research that I now wish I had done 30 years ago,” added Korver.

A NIAGARA BRIDGE? Researching a Common Bridge Separating Two Peoples” is a 25-minute Keynote (Apple) slide show of how Korver does his research. The topic started simply enough: Was a bridge vignette on an Obsolete banknote generic, or unique? Confusion over more than 12 bridges yielded an astonishing conclusion (soon to be tested). If you have ever made numismatic assumptions and had them go bad, you should enjoy watching.

The written articles run the gamut from light-hearted looks at numismatic themes used on television and in the movies, to more serious economic and legal topics. “Briscoe v. The Commonwealth Bank of Kentucky“ examines the banking chaos of early 19th Century America, and how Jackson’s Supreme Court Justices declined to destroy what was left of America’s banking system after Jackson’s bank war, while “’Tis Death To Counterfeit” is an old articleinvestigating the legal ramifications of counterfeiting in Colonial Virginia, soon to be superseded by a major work on Colonial Virginia currency. Another upcoming articles will investigate Shakespearean Metaphors.

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