uga-logoAs with everything this fall, this issue of my bi-monthly column suffers from scheduling problems and is not where it should be when it should be there. My bad. I demonstrate the same timing with my attendance at the last couple of meetings. My youngest daughter is a senior at UGA this year, so I’m making a concerted effort to be more involved with the football games and activities at Georgia on the weekends, especially Saturdays. I have not yet worked out the bugs with being two places at the same time. I will be at the October 18th meeting, but probably miss both November meetings (Gator Bowl and Auburn), then be back to close out the year by attending both meetings in December and our Christmas party on the 14th. Boy how time flies!

Speaking of time flying, it’s time for the final board meeting of 2014. I plan to reschedule the 4th quarter board meeting from November 15 to October 18 – our next schedules club meeting! Although it coincides with the Rome show, it is the only meeting I’m sure that I can make. I’ll have an initial agenda out to the board 10-12 days ahead, which is like later today. Usual room #4, 5:00 start time. Any and all are invited to sit in, keeping in mind that we are working off of a written agenda.

Recently we’ve had some unusual issues with use of our meeting facility. I wanted to let everyone know that I’ve been in contact with Dunwoody Parks and Recreation and they assure me that we will not have any additional “scheduling conflicts.” No reason or excuse was provided, just written confirmation that it will not happen again. Please keep in mind that we always move the meeting to room #5 (where we hold the YN meetings, across the hall) for the 2nd January meeting, an arrangement that we have had with the Weavers Guild for a number of years. It’s a scheduled once-a-year change that fosters cooperation amongst those using the facility.

You all know that I’ll be turning over the reins of the club to a new president at the annual Christmas / Holiday party that will start his/her tenure in January. It’s been a great 12 years as club president. As it turns out, our Vice-President has also opted to step down. So, we’re looking for new blood to volunteer as President and VP of the club for 2015. Please consider stepping up to actively participate by being a club officer. We’ll be taking nominations throughout October and into November, with voting to occur the last meeting in November or the first meeting in December. Feel free to speak with Norman or myself about the jobs and what they entail. Hours are easy, the job is enjoyable, the pay is reasonable, and the compensation package is excellent – with profit sharing and stock options. You get your own desk and personal chair, as well as an uncirculated 1889 CC PCGS MS65 Morgan Silver Dollar just for signing up! Yes, you are dreaming that you just read that last 2 sentences…

In the world of coins there’s a number of exciting things happening. The 4-piece 90% Kennedy half set will release Tuesday October 28 at 12:00 noon. Limit will be 5 per household, issue price $99.95 per set. I strongly suggest that you buy your household limit. Not only are some of the designs unique, but the coin is being made in its original 90% silver composition. The sets are affordable and special, no matter how many are ultimately sold and struck. As an end-of-year issue, there may be a relatively short purchase window, with a December 31st last possible date of sale.

Also in coin news, there was An 1879CC GSA Morgan Dollar graded as a NGCMS65 that just sold for almost $43,000! The rarest of the CC’s in a GSA holder (not counting single issue coins), even the MS62 coins bringing more than $8,000 today. This is quite a feat for one of 3600 coins that sold with a minimum bid of $300 in GSA sale #4 February of 1974. The average sell price for the coins was $478.39, and it was the first “sell out” of any GSA issue. I’ve also seen the prices for the 5 ounce ATB bullion “quarters” advertised as low as $t110 each. Where this is still over melt, it is the least expensive this coins have been since their creation. Finally, with bullion prices so low, now is the time (in my opinion) that everyone should be buying gold and silver. Yes, it can still go down further, but the potential to increase dramatically in value in the future is far greater than any addition decreases.

I look forward to penning my final “President’s Coiner” for the November/December issue of the newsletter. Until then, good hunting!